The Best 100 Philippine Medicinal Plants

The forum: - There are 1,500 documented medicinal plants and only a hundred are well studied. Yet each medicinal plant has 7 other global uses that make Philippine medicinal plants a great untapped economic resource for growth and wealth c... Read More


Cacao and Chocolate

The forum: - Cacao and Chocolate - History - Health - Production of Cacao - Overview of the Philippine Cacao Industry - The First Philippine Chocolate using only healthy coco sugar - Opportunities of Farmers - Fair Trade ... Read More


CANCELLED - A 20 Year Journey on Commercializing Technology in the U.S. : Xylos Story

The forum: Personal perspective on technology utilization and commercialization based on experience with bacterial cellulose company, Xylos Corporation Roles of scientific/technical founder as company evolves Activities in various area... Read More


The Philippine Rootcrops Industry Today

The forum:  Why rootcrops industry  Situationer  Opportunities  Challenges  Public-Private Initiatives  Ways forward The speaker: Dr. Roa is also a Professor at the Visayas State Univers... Read More


Salt Farming and Agri Eco Tourism


Dewi’s Cocktail Cucumber

The forum: - Dewi’s Cocktail Cucumber, the smallest cucumber in the world measuring 0.5 to 2.5 inches - 17 years research to develop the product - Nutritional and Medical Benefits - Commercial Scale Production - Processin... Read More


Market-Oriented Agri-Technology and Agri-Extension Services

The forum: Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program being implemented by the government, SEARCA (Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture) and University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB); 177 farm te... Read More


Ashitaba/Tomorrow’s Leaf

The forum: - Brief History of Ashitaba/Tomorrow’s Leaf in the Philippines - Uses and Health Benefits of Ashitaba/ Tomorrow’s Leaf - Propagation of Ashitaba/ Tomorrow’s Leaf The speakers: Raymond Rubia Organic Farm... Read More

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