Ashitaba/Tomorrow’s Leaf

The forum: - Brief History of Ashitaba/Tomorrow’s Leaf in the Philippines - Uses and Health Benefits of Ashitaba/ Tomorrow’s Leaf - Propagation of Ashitaba/ Tomorrow’s Leaf The speakers: Raymond Rubia Organic Farm... Read More


Efficient Agriculture via Plasticulture

The forum: - High valued plastic products and services geared toward the banana sector and other customers in the agriculture and aquaculture industries; - Innovative plastic film solutions for various agro industrial re... Read More


Climate Reality

The forum: - History and Description of the Climate Reality Project - Basic Scientific Facts behind Climate Change to combat its denial - Impact of Climate Change on Human Health, Water Stress/Scarcity, Agriculture,... Read More


Stevia: The Sweetener of the Future Generation

Stevia - locally sourced natural ingredient - is a small bush from the sunflower family - plant used in the world as a natural zero calorie sweetener - extract is 300 times sweeter than table sugar From Farm to Your Table - handpicked in th... Read More


Bringing the Public back into Public Finance: Reforming Customs, Taxation and the Budget

The forum: Backgrounder: Fighting Corruption, Improved International Competitive Rankings, Aspiring for Inclusive Economic Growth, Forthcoming ASEAN Integration The Philippines’ reform challenges in Public Finance policy, notably Custom... Read More


Tanging Tanglaw Turning Indigenous People (IP) Grandmothers into Solar Engineers By Diwata Resources

The forum: The Project Partners Barefoot College of India, Diwata Women in Resource Development, Land Rover Club of the Philippines, and OLLI Consulting Group Inc. (formerly Leo G. Dominguez Consultancy Inc.) Philippines' 7 Solar Mamas De... Read More


Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries around the World through Social Marketing

The forum: - State of Philippine Near-shore Fisheries and the Plight of the Small Scale Fishers that depend on them - Bright Spots of Hope: How Municipalities across the Country Are Changing How Their Waters Are Managed - S... Read More


Biodegradable Multipurpose Plastic Made from Nata de Coco

The forum: A. Biodegradable multipurpose plastic made from the edible coconut derivative nata de coco. B. It melts after 3 weeks of exposure to the elements. C. Institutionalizing the invention. The speak... Read More

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