Rice and Other Smuggling

The forum: Rice smuggling has been in the news lately. But it is not only rice that is being smuggled, but also other agricultural products like vegetables, pork, and chicken. And this is not limited to agriculture. On the last SONA of Ph... Read More


Professional Coopreneurs: Improving the Lives of Marginalized Workers

The Forum -Bridging Gaps -Building Potentials -Realizing the Vision Professional coopreneurs are professionals bonded together in a cooperative structure. Asiapro has offices in Pasig, Calamba, Dasmarinas, Dau, El Nido, Cebu, Cabadbaran, C... Read More


Beyond Rehabilitation: Modernization of Agriculture in the Visayas After "Yolanda"

Initiatives/ Reforms in the Agriculture Sector needed: 1. Exploit Full Potential of Year-Round Growing Conditions with Sustainable, Intensified Multiple Cropping 2. Overcome Diseconomies of Small Holder Farming 3. Link Primary Production with Pr... Read More


Water Is Life: Water Public-Private Partnership (WPPP)

-Water Is Life -The Philippines Is Lagging Behind Providing Water to Its People -Multi - Sectoral Targeting of Improving Water Availability by Funding and Supply Components -The Failure of Drastically Improving Access to Safe and Potab... Read More


More Crop Per Drop

More Crop Per Drop- the use of precision farming technology is applied to irrigation and fertilizer application to optimize plant nutrition benefits and increase yield significantly. It is time for Philippine farms to adapt the Israeli and In... Read More


Milky Mushroom and Coconut Scale Insect Infestation

I. Milky Mushroom by Ms. Rolita Spowart Why Milky Mushroom? -Species from India with a strain developed for the Philippines that is stronger, bigger, and better -Nutritious and medicinal benefits -Delicious, meaty and versatile (every part i... Read More


Public and Private Sectors in Local Regional Economic Development

The forum: -What is Local Regional Economic Development (LRED) -Objectives of LRED -LRED Actors -LRED Process -LRED Tools -LRED in Achieving Green Economy The resource speaker: President... Read More


Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to Let Go

The forum: I. The Evidence on Economic Welfare Impact Per Capita Income Comparison Cost Benefit Analysis Non-Monetary Improvements II. Possible Reasons for Failure ... Read More

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