Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries around the World through Social Marketing

The forum: - State of Philippine Near-shore Fisheries and the Plight of the Small Scale Fishers that depend on them - Bright Spots of Hope: How Municipalities across the Country Are Changing How Their Waters Are Managed - S... Read More


Biodegradable Multipurpose Plastic Made from Nata de Coco

The forum: A. Biodegradable multipurpose plastic made from the edible coconut derivative nata de coco. B. It melts after 3 weeks of exposure to the elements. C. Institutionalizing the invention. The speak... Read More


The Revolutionary Corn Rice

The forum: A. Helping Filipino Corn and Rice Farmers B. Features and Benefits 1. Made from 100% Natural Philippine-Grown Corn 2. Healthy a. Low Glycemic Index b. Rich in Beta-Carotene, Lutein, Fiber ... Read More


2014 Annual General Membership Meeting

To: All Members Notice is hereby given that the 2014 Annual Membersí Meeting of the MAP ABCDF will be on Tuesday, 5 August 2014, 9 am after the 7:30 am weekly forum at the Metropolitan Club along Estrella Street, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati ... Read More


Bird Watching: An Asset to Agribusiness and Countryside Development

The forum: A. The rich diversity of Philippine birds B. Birds indicate the state of our environment C. Integrating a bio-diverse environment into development plans D. How to begin bird watching The speaker: Gina Mapua has bee... Read More


The Revolutionary LPG Cylinder, A First in the 25 Year History of the Industry

The forum: A. LPG and the Filipino Household B. LPG industry in the Philippines C. The innovative and fast growing LPG company in the Philippines D. EC Gas for safer kitchens, safer homes E. LPG Tank Malfunction, Other Disadvantages ... Read More


Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Agenda

The forum: A. The basic sectors in the long term fight against poverty: -Artisanal Fisherfolk -Children -Cooperatives -Farmers and Landless Rural Workers -Indigenous People and Cultural Communities -Non-Governmental Orga... Read More


Malunggay, A Miracle Tree

The forum will dwell on: Malunggay Varieties including the Indian one with fruits as long as a yard and double that of the ordinary variety  Malunggay Production  Malunggay Leaves Primary Processing The resource speaker is an... Read More

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