High Value Specialty Crops Can Be Grown Locally

The forum: I. Statistics a. Popular local crops b. Acquisition of specialty crops  Specialty groceries (Importation)  Recently, local growers II. Local growers’ psychology: Openness to high value specialty crops A. Produc... Read More


Land Reform: The Way Forward

The forum: The Philippines has over the last quarter century pursued equity in Agriculture thru CARP. The effect is low productivity and poverty. It is time to focus on efficiency letting the market work. The resource speaker Research ... Read More


The Philippine Rubber Industry to Be Top 5 in Asia

The forum: I. High Impact Agri-based Industry II. Salient Features and Benefits a. high ROI b. easy to grow and manage c. non-perishable products d. no irrigation and repetitive planting e. economically viable for small or large scale prod... Read More


Community Level Cocowater Production Machine

The forum: 1. Cocowater Extractor and Pastuerizing Machine developed by Philmech 2. Capacity of 2000 nuts to produce 500 liters of cocowater in 1 day 3. To extend cocowater shelf life to 2 months if placed immediately in a refrigerator... Read More


Gourmix: Healthy Instant Food

The forum: 1. Popularity of Instant Food 2. Gourmix: Food of Very High Quality and Mixture of Locally Produced Cereals, Grains, Grits (Rice, Corn, Adlay), enriched with Malungay Powder, Soybean Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP), Ground ... Read More


Exciting Opportunities in the Philippine Seaweed Industry

The forum: 1. Revitalizing the industry where the Philippines used to be the leading supplier 2. Improving technologies, developing new products, engaging farmer cooperators 3. Addressing marketing problems and meeting increasing globa... Read More


Turning Philippine Agriculture Around

The forum: - The Professional Management Service (PMS), “Blue Ocean” of Philippine Agriculture - PMS as Service Provider between banks, banking institutions and farmers for Agri-Agra Law and collection and liquidation for profitable and sustai... Read More


Spirulina Urban Farming

About the forum:  Transition from Engineering to Farming  Why Spirulina?  Challenges of Farming Spirulina in Urban Setting  Specialized Facilities as a Solution  The Merits of Innovation  Intro... Read More

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